Five Things I Have Learned About Zoom

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I just finished the LinkedIn Learning tutorial on Zoom and a YouTube on breakout rooms. From those sources, ITG email exchanges, and posts on here on, I learned five things that were not obviously a part of a video conference platform:

  1. Zoom allows breakout rooms. Enable in settings.
  2. Zoom allows hosts to join any breakout room and move between them.
  3. Recording is easy. The Record button is visible all the time your mouse is on screen. When you stop the recording, it will save as an MP4 you can post to Google Drive, YouTube, etc., or you can save directly to the Zoom cloud site.
  4. Any participant can control another person’s computer with their permission. If a participant is sharing their desktop, the options menu lets the host request control of the participant’s computer. If the host is sharing, participants can request to control the host’s computer. If the participant shares an app such as Excel rather than the screen, the host can *only* control the app. If desktop, the whole computer. Very handy for both troubleshooting and teaching a tool!
  5. Minimized applications do not appear among the “share” choices. Instead, slide them almost off the screen or to another screen if you are using more than one.

To learn how to use any of these features, visit LinkedIn Learning tutorial on Zoom , the referenced YouTube on breakout rooms, or Google the specific topic.

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