About Us

ITG Members:  Scott Claybrook, Richard King, Jo Lowe, Paul Marley, Ryan McCollum, Jeff Muday, Tommy Murphy, Jeff Nichols, Tyler Pruitt, Don Shegog, Suzanne Thompson, Robert Vidrine, Steven Wicker, Ching-Wan Yip

About Us

The Instructional Technology Group provides academic departments discipline-focused expertise in technology tools, procedures and resources to support the teaching and research.

Each Instructional Technologist is embedded in the day-to-day activities of their academic disciplines, enabling them to tailor technology solutions to their department’s and or program’s unique needs.

The group is based out of the Office of the Dean of the College. We are led by Dr. Adam Friedman, Director of the Instructional Technology Group.

Note: An ITG by department list is also available.

Adam Friedman

Director of the ITG, Professor of Education

Phone Number: 336-758-5507
B205 Tribble Hall
Scott Claybrook

Scott Claybrook

English, Women’s and Gender Studies, Wake Forest Scholars, Magnolia Scholars

Phone Number: 336-758-7164
C101 Tribble Hall
Richard King

Richard King

Psychology, German & Russian

Phone Number: 336-758-1882
421 Greene Hall
Jo Lowe

Jo Lowe

Communication, Debate, Film Studies, and East Asian Languages Cultures

Phone Number: 336-758-4846
007 Carswell Hall

Ryan McCollum

Music, Theatre, Dance

Phone Number: 336-758-3952
M203 Scales Fine Arts
Jeff Muday

Jeff Muday

Biology and Chemistry Reynolda Campus

Phone Number: 336-758-6171
27A Winston Hall

Tommy Murphy

Chemistry and Biology Downtown, Engineering

Phone Number: 336-702-1972
Building 60S, Room 4606

Jeff Nichols

Religious Studies, Anthropology, Office of the Dean of the College

Phone Number: 336-758-6178
Wingate Hall, Anthropology Lab Building

Tyler Pruitt

History and Philosophy

Phone Number: 336-758-4850
C2A Tribble Hall
no image provided

Don Shegog

Economics, Sociology, Political Science, selected Humanities

Phone Number: 336-758-4818
105 Kirby Hall
Suzanne Thompson

Suzanne Thompson

Computer Science, French Studies, Health & Exercise Science

Phone Number: 336-758-7153
238 Greene, 1165 Worrell

Robert Vidrine

Education, Counseling, American Ethnic Studies

Phone Number: 336-758-3954
B212 Tribble Hall
Steven Wicker

Steven Wicker

Mathematics & Statistics; The Math Center; Military Science; Spanish & Italian

Phone Number: 336-758-4693
106 Kirby Hall
Yip's avatar

Ching-Wan Yip

Physics and Office of the Dean of the College

Phone Number: 336-758-4985
305C Olin Hall

An ITG by department list is also available.

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