Mac Users: Use QuickTime Player to Narrate a PowerPoint, save as a Movie

Mac users–did you know you can use QuickTime Player to record everything on your screen, with your voice narrating?

It’s a great way to record yourself presenting a PowerPoint as you narrate, doodle or ink, and use the laser pointer.

(Windows Users can use the built-in way of recording a PowerPoint > exporting as a movie .
Mac users can also use this method but the video does not capture their inking and laser pointers).

Below is a video (8 minutes) to show you how to use QuickTime Player to record your PowerPoint presentation. This method will capture everything on your screen including inking and laser pointers if you use them during your presentation. 
NOTE: depending on your Mac’s operating system, you may have additional options available

Do a short demo first.
Try this method on a very short PowerPoint to test the whole process, then view your saved video. Make sure your voice audio is clear, confirm that your inking and laser pointer (if you use them) and everything appears as you expected. Then record your full presentation.

You can save your video using QuickTime Player’s File > Save option.
Here is more information if you want to try the Export options in QuickTime

You can edit your video file with a video editing software.

You can upload your video to Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox etc. to share it.
(If you upload to YouTube, YouTube auto captions it to make it more accessible. If you’d like to make any edits to the captions, here’s how you can go in and edit your YouTube video’s captions).


This video tutorial was created with Techsmith’s Camtasia for Mac. Want to make your own?
WFU faculty and staff can download Camtasia or Camtasia for Mac here.

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