New Faculty Technology Overview



On behalf of the Instructional Technology Group (ITG), welcome to New Faculty Technology Overview at Wake Forest University. The ITG members created these pages to provide new faculty with a big-picture overview of the technologies and tools that are available to them at WFU. 

The members of the ITG – 

  • provide academic departments discipline-focused expertise.
  • are embedded in the day-to-day activities of their academic disciplines. 
  • partner with faculty to effectively incorporate technology in your teaching and research.
  • provide a primary point of contact for questions surrounding technology and teaching.
  • report to Adam Friedman, Director of Academic Technologies.

If you are a faculty member in a department under the Office of the Dean of the College, then you have an assigned Instructional Technologist assigned to your department.


The About Us page provides an alphabetical list of ITG members. There is also a list of ITG members by department.

Please use the navigation links in the sidebar or at the bottom to move through this overview. 

NOTE: This overview is not designed to specifically train you for basic computer usage on a particular laptop model. If you need that sort of assistance, please contact your Instructional Technologist.

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