Some Useful Gmail Tips  

Unsend that message! It has probably happened to you, sometime in the past, as soon as you clicked the send button you realized that you forgot to attach an attachment; or, maybe, put the wrong date in your message; or, something similar. No problem! You […]

Survey Flow in Qualtrics

Once in the Survey Flow screen, you can start adding items to your flow, such as Blocks, Branches, Embedded Data, Randomizer, Authenticator, etc. Use the Add Below option to keep adding items. These display to the respondents in the order they are shown in the […]

Kaltura Capture

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how powerful a video tutorial can be.Kaltura Capture provides an easy way to create a screen capture tutorial (recording whatever is on your screen as you narrate). You can also choose to include your video as […]

Join us for VoiceThread workshops October 1 and 29

Join us in October for 2 great workshops: learn the basics of VoiceThread and then learn how you can create VoiceThread assignments that integrate into your Sakai gradebook. Please click the links below for more information and to register… VoiceThread: Basics […]

LinkedIn Learning–add it to your mobile device, and try the Notebook!

All WFU faculty, students, and staff have free access to tutorials at LinkedIn Learning (formerly (You do not have to be a LinkedIn member and you do not have to link your LinkedIn account to your Learning account). With our busy schedules and fractured […]