Tech Tip: Instapaper

instapaper logo Do you find yourself having too many browser tabs open?  Or stumble across an article just before a meeting starts that you would like to read later?  Instapaper is a free solution that saves webpages, videos, articles from news feeds, and more all in one place that you can access at your convenience.   

Instapaper has extensions on all major browsers, and apps for iOS and Android that makes it easy to view all your saved reading material across multiple devices.  You can customize the text size and background color as well as select your preferred fonts and the width of your reading material in both the app and the browser-based version of Instapaper. 

instapaper interface

Instapaper text and background formatting optionsWith the click of a button or using the “share” icon on your phone you can send multiple types of media to your Instapaper account on any device.  Once you have read the article you can delete – or archive it if you think you might want to access it later, but don’t need it on the home screen.  

You can connect with friends who also have Instapaper accounts and share what you find.  There is also a “browse” section where you can see a curated section of articles selected by the Instapaper editors. 

The app allows for offline reading and viewing so once you save an article you don’t need to be connected in order to read it – great for trips where you might not have access to the internet.