Pre-assigning Students to Break Out Rooms in Zoom

Prepare your classes Break Out Rooms in advance of your Zoom Meeting by following these steps: 

(have a list of breakout room# + student email as a .csv file) From template, download blank formatted one from

Using Chrome:
New tab –

Sign in using Google

Once in …
From the menu list on left, click Settings

Then from the inset menu select In Meeting (Advanced)

The first item is: Breakout Room, it should be ON
Then check the box in front of –
Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling

Now scroll back to the top and go to the main menu on left and select Meetings
Select – Schedule a New Meeting

Fill out field details as necessary

When you get to Meeting Options
make sure that Breakout Rooms Preassign is checked

Use the IMPORT from CSV button to put your list into the meeting (click then Browse then navigate to where *.csv is saved)

Scroll the rest of the way down and click Save. Your breakout rooms with the desired students, will be in the meeting when it begins.

You can edit existing upcoming meetings and import a list into them as well. This is especially helpful in meetings scheduled to repeat. Breakout Rooms should carry over session to session.

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