ITG Responsibilities

ITG Responsibilities

Working with Faculty

The overarching responsibility of the ITG is to collaborate with faculty to support their teaching and research. Each individual Instructional Technologist has the ability and wherewithal to work with faculty in the following ways:

  • Pedagogy & instructional technology advice
    ITG members are prepared to discuss and advise on the pedagogically appropriate use of technology in your classes. Please see our instructional technologies page.

  • WFU hardware and software standards
    All members of the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) are familiar with the Wake Forest University campus issued tools and technologies. This includes 

    • Current Apple and Lenovo standard laptops 

    • Google tools

    • Office365

    • Canvas

    • Kaltura 

    • Qualtrics 

    • The tools available at

    • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Classroom multimedia support
    We aid faculty in the use of the multimedia equipment in the classroom. Please watch the video series that IS Multimedia created for an overview.

  • Websites
    ITG members can consult with you in setting up websites for individual or class use. WordPress is a free, open-source platform for creating web content that is the supported web site solution at WFU.

The Instructional Technologists are prepared to provide support and assistance with any of the subjects listed above.  If you have additional instructional technology questions, please contact your assigned ITG member.

Department and Campus Responsibilities

  • Support and advise on administrative technologies
    ITG members may support or advise on administrative technologies at the departmental level. Please contact individual members of the ITG for questions regarding specific departmental technologies.
  • Websites
    ITG members assist, advise, and support  programs and departments using WordPress, which is a free, open-source platform for creating web content.
  • Qualtrics administration and support
    Instructional Technologists provide support for Qualtrics for departments and programs. Richard King and Jeff Nichols are our WFU Qualtrics campus administrators. 
  • Lab administration and instruction
    Several ITG members support and administer departmental laboratories for their assigned departments. Please contact specific ITG members or the department that operates a specific lab for more information.
  • Committees
    ITG members serve on a number of campus committees such as the CIT and the LMS committee.

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