Google Keep now integrated into Google Docs

Google Keep iconKeep is Google’s handy note taking service/app. It uses a “sticky notes” style interface to let you create and organize notes with text, images, and audio or video recordings. You can use Keep in your browser or download the Keep app for your Android or Apple mobile device. Since it is a Google product, you can collaborate and share out your notes with other Google accounts.

Google Docs Integration

Google announced that Keep is now integrated into Google Docs. You can search and add content that is saved in your Keep notes directly from your Google Doc. You can see the announcement from the Google team here.

If you are a Keep user like me, I store lots of research that I run across in notes in my Keep account. Now I can search and insert (or copy/paste) directly into my Google doc instead of having to constantly switch back and forth between the Keep tab and the Doc tab.

If you’ve never tried Keep, give it a look. I think you’ll like it.

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