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Technology Tips from the ITG

We all recognize that a myriad of new tools exist to help in the classroom and with academic research. Unfortunately, many of these tools can seem at first like a minefield of potential problems and arcane configuration needs. Take a look at the following collection of handouts, “walkthroughs” and tips from the ITG to help you navigate these new tools and procedures. We’ve found the “mines” so you don’t have to!

ThinkPad Training Resources

Getting my stuff out of WFU Google

Are you leaving WFU for another job? How do you get your stuff out of WFU Google to take with you? Your WFU Google account will be deleted shortly after you leave the University.

Take a look at this page for answers. Hint, it will take some time, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

WordPress for Beginners

As WFU rolls out WordPress for our academic sites, we will offer “WordPress for Beginners” at various times in 2012. This class is geared towards faculty and staff who will be working on a department site as Editors. Check the PDC for upcoming classes.

Our WordPress Training site is here. If you need a copy of the class handout, it is available as well.

Introduction to Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online data collection and surveying tool that is now offered to the WFU campus community.

We now have a Qualtrics Info site ( setup to maintain information on its use. We will be adding to the site as we find new and interesting HowTos and tips on using Qualtrics.

We will soon be setting up more classes via the PDC, so please keep a check at for the classes.

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Live (YouTube video)

This video provides a brief introduction to Microsoft’s Windows Live cloud computing.  Click HERE to view.

Knowing who to call for help

Articulation of duties for ITG, the Service Desk, and ZSR Library (pdf)


How to prepare images for sending them to a publisher for book or periodical, and other tips about the printing industry

General Computer Maintenance

Good Hard-Drive maintenance practices for maintaining well operating Thinkpad (Win-XP)


How to make and use bookmarks for teaching from DVD based materials using WIN-DVD on the Thinkpad

Managing File Sizes

How can I keep my documents from getting too large to handle?


How do I setup a podcast?

How do I record a podcast using Audacity?

Basic Web Page Tips

Why Do My Images/Documents Not Show Up?

Inserting Special Symbols in Your Documents

Directions for inserting special characters like Copyright (©) or Registered Trademark (®) symbol into your documents

LaTex – Advanced document preparation system for high-quality typesetting.

Installing and using LaTeX with Maple and other programs

Assistive Technology

Hotkey Speech – a simple, free text-to-speech utility

Video Editing

Comparison between iMovie 2 and Movie Maker 2 (VERY basic video editing for the Mac and PC)

Detecting Plagiarism

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