The Road to Experiential Learning

This series describes how experiential learning can be implemented with examples from several programs at Wake Forest University. Have you ever wondered about how you can “up your teaching game” to include authentic educational experiences? We can look among our colleagues and peers at Wake […]

Create Desktop Shortcuts to Recurring Zoom Meetings

Do you have one or more recurring Zoom meetings, like a department meeting, club meeting, online class meeting, or others that always meet in the same Zoom room? Instead of having to search for the email announcing the meeting or opening your calendar to find […]

AI Powered Tools

At Wake Forest University, many of our software offerings have undergone updates to incorporate cutting-edge AI technologies. One such remarkable AI-powered tool, developed by Adobe, is Adobe Firefly. This revolutionary software employs generative AI algorithms to aid users in crafting captivating visuals, enabling them to […]

January 2024 Open Lab Sessions

Join ITG members and members from the IS Academic Technology Group for Open Lab sessions to help you prepare for Spring Semester 2024. Bring your technology question and we will find an answer. Lab Sessions Thursday, January 11, 2024, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Carswell […]

Get Started with a Citation Management System (Zotero)

Why use a Citation Management System? A CMS can ensure the accuracy of citations and bibliographies while keeping all used and potential sources organized. What is a Citation Management System? A Citation Management System (CMS) is a software that allows input of information about sources […]

Make Google Projects Accessible and Portable with Grackle

Grackle can scan your Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides and improve the accessibility and usability of them, reducing the chance that you’ll have to edit them in response to an accommodation request. You can also export your project to use it outside of Google. Read more to see how you can optimize your Google Sheets, then export them for use in Canvas.

Saving Images from Microsoft Word

Moving content from a Microsoft Word document to another format is not always a straightforward process.   If you are lucky, you can simply select all of the Word content, then use the copy/paste process to move the content into the new format in a […]

QR Codes: Tips and Best Practices

Want to incorporate QR codes into your students’ projects? Or need to create a QR code for your own poster or infographic?Here are easy ways to create and view QR codes, as well as a few accessibility and security best practices. Why use a QR […]

Want to print Adobe Express text and icons in 3D? You can.

By Bobby Wiles, EDU 368 Intern, CS major, EDU and ENT minor and Suzanne Thompson, ITG Have a simple graphic or logo you made in Adobe Express and want to print it in 3D? Feeling creative, but restrained by the limited number of fonts in […]