Wolfram Alpha as Your Secret Weapon

Although Wolfram Alpha appears to be a tool used exclusively by the STEM community, it might become your secret weapon in finding real answers to questions you or your students might have.  Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine per se, but a “knowledge and […]

Encouraging Student Engagement

There are many ways to check in with your students or meeting members to gauge their understanding of content, gather opinions, and ask for ideas.Options can be as simple as asking for a show of hands,  having students hold up color-coded index cards with yes […]

Document via Cell Phone

Regardless of what you choose as your selected scanner, having these apps in you and your student’s toolkits will enable on-the-go documentation!

Projector and Screen Control

In classrooms equipped with two projectors, you may find it necessary to raise one screen in order to access and use the whiteboard beneath. Here is how: DO NOT use the switch located above the screen to disable the screen. On the touch panel, tap […]

Solving Sound Problems in the Classroom

To manually change the sound output from your computer to the classroom multimedia system, perform the following: For a PC Right click on the speaker icon in your system tray. Choose Open Sound Settings Under the output section, click on the “Choose your output device” […]