Group Work

In this post I have a several resources on managing group work for both classroom and online instruction. While I’m not a fan of using technology simply for the sake of using something “cool”, the productivity value of collaborative documents can certainly make life easier […]

Developing Online Lectures as a Supplement to Classroom Instruction

Faculty often approach me, with a technology already in hand, requesting technical assistance in producing a recorded lecture for online distribution. Before diving into the technology how-to’s, most of our time together is spent planning the project, identifying a clear and measurable objective, developing a […]

Blog, Wiki, or Discussion?

Most faculty have a fairly good idea of the differences between a Blog, Wiki and Discussion Forum, but which one will help you and your students collaborate and communicate effectively? The chart below can be used as a guide to point you towards one tool […]

Hosting Live Online Classes for Synchronous Class Lecture or Study Sessions

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of online conferencing software! Congratulations! Whether you’ve invited a guest lecturer to present remotely in your classroom, decided to hold your office hours online, or found yourself needing to buy time on a Snow Day […]