Zoom for remote support

As an Instructional Technologist, I (and many of my colleagues) use Zoom to remotely support our faculty when there is a problem. The screen sharing feature allows me to see what is happening on his/her screen. That usually makes support easier. But what if you need to show me something about the computer that isn’t on the screen?

Zoom logo
  1. Install the Zoom app on your mobile phone (available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store).
  2. Join the Zoom meeting link that your support person sends you with the phone app.
  3. The meeting will default to the front camera typically. Just hit the swap camera button to use the rear camera.
  4. Now you’ve got a handheld camera that you can use to show me the keyboard, the ports or whatever we need to talk about. We aren’t limited to what’s displayed on the screen.

Bonus Tip: You can join a Zoom meeting from both the laptop and your phone simultaneously. The trick is to connect the audio in only one of the Zoom meetings. Mute the mic/speakers on the other device to prevent audio from looping and giving you that awful feedback.

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