Webex Test Meeting available

Webex logoDid you know WebEx offers a test meeting so that people can practice joining a meeting at any time?

Consider the following scenario:

Someone wants to meet with you virtually in a WebEx meeting. They send you the meeting link, but you’ve never been in a WebEx meeting before. You want to make sure you can get in there and get it set up correctly when the time comes. You can use the test meeting to practice.

  1. Using the device you plan to use for your real meeting, go to https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html
  2. Provide your name & email and click the Join button.
  3. If prompted to install a browser applet or mobile app, follow the on-screen instructions to do so.
  4. The meeting will start and you will need to choose the appropriate Audio and Video Connections.
    1. Under Select Audio Connection, you typically want Call Using Computer.
      1. Use the drop downs to select the appropriate entries for the speakers and the microphone.
      2. Test your selections using the More options link.
        1. When you click the Test button, you should hear a musical sound. If you don’t choose another selection from the drop down and try it again.
        2. Say something and you should see the meter underneath the Microphone entry move. If it doesn’t pick up sound, try another entry under the drop down. If none of them seem to work, then you will have to explore your computer’s sound settings to further troubleshoot.
        3. Once you’ve got the appropriate settings selected, click the OK button.
      3. Note – if you can’t get your computer’s audio to work, there is always the option of having the WebEx session call your phone. In the drop down for the Audio Connection, change it to Call Me and provide your phone number. 
    2. Under Select Video Connection, it should default to your primary webcam
      1. If you have multiple cameras connected, choose the appropriate one.
    3. Click the Connect Audio and Video button to activate your audio and video settings for the meeting.

Congratulations. You have joined the test meeting.

When it is time to go to your real meeting, repeat the steps above with the same device and browser and make the same choices. Make sure you use the real meeting link instead of the test meeting link from step 1.

Things to remember to make a better meeting:

  • Make sure your space you will be using is well lit and make sure you are not badly back-lit by a window, strong lamp, etc.
  • Make sure you have a strong, fast internet connection. Places like Starbucks, hotels, conference centers, etc. may not have the fastest internet connections. Avoid using such places if you can.
  • As much as possible, make sure the surrounding space is quiet and no distracting backgrounds are behind you.
  • Consider using a headset and microphone instead of the built in speakers and mic on a laptop. 


If you are hosting an online meeting then consider reminding the participants that the test meeting exists when you send out the information for your specific meeting (time, meeting link, etc).

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