Using A Kaltura Video as Canvas Assignment Submission

So you want your students to complete a Canvas Assignment where they send you a video they create.

The native, built-in Canvas tools for video capture will work, but it is a one shot take with no ability to edit.

With Kaltura, we have unlimited storage for video and you can edit the video after it is shot. The question is how to use Kaltura to create that video? It is a little counterintuitive, but it isn’t hard.

Set up the Canvas Assignment to use Submission Type: Online with the option Text Entry!

The key Assignment settings - Submission Type: Online with Text entry settings


When your students begin the assignment, they will have the Rich Content Editor area. Instead of typing their answer, the use the More External Tools button (looks like a blue V on a white background)* and choose Embed Kaltura Media.

showing the RCE's More External Tools button and the Embed Kaltura Media choice


Students can then use the Kaltura tools (Express Capture or Kaltura Capture) to record a new video or they can select a previously recorded and edited video. Once they’ve chosen the video, they Submit, just like any other Assignment.

* Note: Canvas will be updating the Rich Content Editor in the near future and it will look slightly different (see the screen capture below). The More External Tools button will be renamed Apps. It will look like a plug and will probably be under the kabob (3 dot, more button) for most people.

view of Canvas' new RCE interface


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