ThinkPad Distribution and Training 2013

The ThinkPad Distribution and Training 2013 is now underway.  This year the new ThinkPad model is the Lenovo X1 Carbon with the Windows 8 operating system and Office 2013. 

You may schedule an exchange date through the Professional Development Center (PDC) Web site at  Locate the event title “2013 Faculty / Staff Technology Distributions” and select your preferred distribution and training date to register.  

On the morning before your distribution / training date you must drop off your current ThinkPad at The Bridge located in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library for data transfer to the new computer.  ThinkPad pick-up and training will take place at the University Corporate Center (UCC) at 1100 Reynolds Boulevard. 

Be sure to prepare for your exchange by moving the allocated amount of your userdata that you would like to have transferred by following the instructions found here.  As always, be sure to BACK UP your data on your current ThinkPad prior to turning in your old ThinkPad at the IS Bridge. 

Users of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 benefit from using a Microsoft Account. It is recommended that you create a Microsoft Account prior to receiving your new computer.

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