Tech Tip: Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

(Have an Apple computer? Watch for an upcoming installment of keyboard shortcuts for MacOS.)

Sometimes it makes sense to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse:

  • Quicker than navigating through menus
  • Mouse isn’t working or can’t find the pointer
  • Suspicious popup or web page appears and you’re afraid to trust buttons or links on it.
  • No close button on a program or window


Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10, with an example of when it may be useful.

(Note: The Windows key is the key between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the left side of the keyboard with the Windows logo on it.)


Key Combination

What it does

Example case

Ctrl – C

Copy the selected text or item

Prepare to insert that item elsewhere

Ctrl – V

Paste the copied text/item

Insert what you copied where your cursor is

Ctrl – A

Select everything (in the current window)

Prepare to copy everything or maybe delete everything

Ctrl – Z


Undo the last action

Alt – Tab

(Hold Alt then tap Tab to select the next window)

Switch between open windows

Useful when comparing things in different windows, or working in one window, referencing another

CTRL – Tab

(Hold Ctrl then tap Tab to select the next tab)

Switch between browser tabs

(works in some other contexts as well)

Similar to Alt-Tab, perhaps when working in one tab, referincing another

(Use Alt-Fn-F4 on recent Thinkpads and some others)

Close the active window

If a message pops up, or the browser displays a message that’s suspicious, this will reliably close it. Buttons or links can be misleading

Windows Key – D

Show and Hide the Desktop

When you are actively working in more than one window, but realize you need something from the desktop. Use this combination again to get your windows back

Windows Key – R

Open the Run Prompt

Quick way to install a printer. In the Run prompt, type the path and click OK

Shift – Arrow key

Select text/items in the desired direction from the cursor

Easily select a block of text that spans more than one screen or precisely select up t a specific point


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