Some Handy Google Docs Tips and Tricks

Google docs iconI don’t know about you, but I find myself using Google Docs for my word processing needs much more than Microsoft Word at this point. I’ve been using Google Docs since it came out and it has come a long way in terms of adding features since its initial launch. It has reached the point where it has the features necessary for the vast majority of the writing tasks I do during a typical day. 

I recently came across the article 25 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Docs could do. It taught me a few new things, so I wanted to pass it on to our readers. Take a few minutes to look through the list. Personally, I found the following ones new, helpful, and/or interesting.

  1. double clicking the Paint Format icon to apply it to multiple areas (Tip #3)
  2. the menu search keyboard shortcut CTRL + / (Tip #4)
  3. the ability to use your voice in docs (Tips #6-9)
  4. limited image editing within the doc (Tip #12)
  5. the ability to tag and message collaborators from within the doc (Tips #16-17)

Thanks for reading. As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Instructional Technologist.

Bonus Tip: Some people complain about the new predictive Smart Text feature. I like it, but not everyone does. You can turn it off. If you don’t like it, check out How to Disable Gmail’s Annoying New “Smart Compose” Predictive Typing Feature .

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