Qualtrics Distribution – Duplicates

Scenario – Course evaluations utilizing the Qualtrics interface are emailed to 1000 students. After several days of the survey being active you find that 400 of the emails were labeled as duplicates and were not even sent.

Having duplicate users in a Qualtrics Contact List is common especially when you consider a contact list that is being used for department course evaluations.  Many students will take multiple classes within the same department.   Using the Piped Text feature to insert embedded data in the subject heading or body of the email works perfectly to differentiate multiple emails to the same student so that Qualtrics does not see it as a duplicate.  But what happens when there is a mistake in either the use of piped text or that it was not used at all.  How do you resend the duplicates back out without painstakingly looking through the recipient history spreadsheet and picking out the ones that have not finished the survey.

Create a New Sample

  1. Open your specific Contact List
  2. Click on List Options in the upper right hand portion of your screen and select Generate Sample.
  3. Type in a name for the sample.
  4. The default sample size is 500.  If the number of duplicates exceeds 500, change it to a larger sample size.
  5.  Click on Add a Sample Condition.
  6. Change the Embedded Data field to Recipient History.
  7. In the next field, select Last Survey Taken.
  8. The final field should be Never.
  9. Click Generate Sample.

Re-distribute your New Sample – make sure that you use piped text in the subject heading and that the piped text is used correctly.


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