Photoshop – Basics

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Thursday, February 21st, 2019 • 10:30am – 11:30am
ZSR Library Room 477

New to Photoshop? Join us for a 60-minute hands-on workshop. Please bring your laptop with Photoshop already installed on it.

You can install Photoshop for free through WFU here: 

  • Choose Faculty or Staff on the left. Download Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Install Photoshop.

If you need assistance, please contact the Service Desk at #4357 or your ITG. (If you don’t have Photoshop installed on your computer, you are still invited to register to attend and watch.)

Also, if you have a mouse, please bring it with you. You may find that a mouse is easier to use than the laptop’s touchpad for fine edits.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Crop / lighten / auto correct
  • Clone stamp tool
  • Selection tools
  • Text / Layers
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Color: Eyedropper, WFU Identity Standards
  • PSD vs. other file types
  • Size, Resolution
  • Next steps

More information and the registration links are available on the PDC site.

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