Managing Your Voicemail Remotely

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Since most of us will not be near our actual WFU phones for a while,  we can’t access or manage our voicemails from there.

Here are other ways to access and manage your voicemail:
  • Call 336-758-4400 (or if you’re on campus or using a soft phone, just dial extension 4400) and access your voicemail that way, listen, delete…

  • Go to (you need to be on VPN ) and log in. You can view a list of your voicemails and listen, delete…

  • Ask IS to switch your settings so your voicemail messages go only to your email. 
    Your phone or soft phone will still ring, and you can answer it if you are available, but if the call goes to voicemail, the voicemail will go directly into an email to you.
    Your voicemail messages will not go to your phone system (and your phone light will not come on if you get a voicemail).
    And you won’t have to keep managing your voicemails remotely using the other 2 options above.
    To request that your voicemails go to email only, log in and submit a “Unified Messaging” ticket   choose “email only”  > Place Request.

    Important: If you have your voicemails going to both the phone system and to your Gmail, please note:
    The voicemails in your phone system are not synced with the voicemails in your Gmail. If you delete a voicemail in the phone system, it does not delete it in your Gmail, and vice-versa.
    If you would like to change your voicemail settings, you can do so using the “Unified Messaging” ticket link above.


NOTES re. Quota:
  • If you keep getting voicemails on the phone system and don’t delete them, at 11 MG you’ll get a nearing quota warning.
    At about 14 MG your callers will get a “mailbox full” message and can’t leave you a voicemail.

  • There is currently no quota on our Gmail.
    So if you have your voicemails go to email only, you don’t need to worry about a quota limit.

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