Easily distracted? Try Immersive Reader Option

Do you find yourself distracted by modern webpages’ complex layout? Microsoft’s new Immersive Reader tool may help you. It strips off most of the unnecessary items from your screen. Multiple columns – gone. Video – gone. Fancy background – gone.

Try Microsoft’s Immersive Reader option, in Office (Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and several other apps) or the new Edge browser. It lets you stay focused on a single task, minimizes distractions, and may have the benefit of improved attention for some. The immersive reader option, which is part of Microsoft’s Learning Tools, has other features like “Read Aloud”. “Line Focus” and “Show Parts of Speech”.

When you are at a webpage that can be reformatted in Edge, you will see the icon “Enter Immersive Reader” (F9) or you can right click to get the context menu and select it from there.

microsoft immersive reader address bar icon

microsoft edge immersive reader option

In Microsoft Word, under the View menu, there is an icon in the ribbon bar to enter Immersive Reader mode

microsoft immersive reader in Word

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