Cross-Listing/Combining Sections in Canvas

You are teaching multiple sections of the same course this semester and would like to merge these sections under one course shell.  Canvas allows you to easily combine multiple sections into one course site.

********In Canvas, the term for combining sections  is referred to as cross-listing.********

1. The first step in cross-listing your sections is to determine which course section will serve as the Home course.  From the Dashboard, select the course that will serve as the home course.

Picture of arrow pointing to the unique course ID located at the end of the url

2. Each course is associated with a unique ID number and the next step is to locate and record that ID number.  The ID number is the last set of numbers in the url. Write the number down or highlight and copy it (CTRL C, CMD C) to your clipboard.

3. Go back to your dashboard and click on the other course that you will be merging to the home course.

4. On the left hand side menu, click SETTINGS.

5. There will be 4 tabs across the top of your screen – click SECTIONS.

Arrow pointing to the Sections link located in the Course Settings of the course.

6. Under the heading “Course Sections”, click on your course.

Arrow pointing to the name oft course section link located in the Course Settings of the course.

 7. On the right hand side, click the button labeled “CROSS-LIST SECTION.”

Arrow pointing to the Cross-List this Section link on the right hand side.

8. A new smaller window will appear. Enter the Course ID number which is the number you wrote down or copied to your clipboard in Step 2 then click outside the box. The name of your course should appear immediately below. Ensure that this is the correct Home Course site.  If correct, press the Cross-List Section button.

Final Steps where you type the ID number, clicked the correct course, and then arrow to Cross-list This Section button.

9. Repeat steps 3-8, if you have another course you need to cross-list

If you need additional assistance, use the Help button in Canvas to reach our 24/7 Canvas support. If you are a faculty member who is served by an Instructional Technologist, don’t hesitate to ask him or her, either.

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