Common Canvas Questions – top 3

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At the start of the semester, the ITGs get lots of Canvas questions. Here are the top three we get, with the solutions.

  • How do I combine two Canvas sections?
  • How do I copy stuff from an old Canvas course?
  • How do I add a student to my Canvas course?

Combining Sections

The process of combining two Canvas sections is called Cross-Listing. It removes the roster from one section of Canvas and puts it on another. The WFU Canvas site has detailed instructions on Cross-Listing here.

Copy old course content

You can copy content from one course to another in Canvas. There is the option to copy almost any part of a Canvas course, from a single item to the entire course. Canvas will even make an attempt to update due dates if you tell it to. The WFU Canvas site has detailed instructions on copying content here.

Adding Students

In general you do not want to manually add students to a Canvas course. Please wait for the student to compete the drop/add process with the Registrar’s Office. Banner syncs course rosters with Canvas courses multiple times per day.

Bonus question: How do I rename a Canvas course?

Faculty do not have the ability to rename a Canvas course. Because of the way our course evaluation tool utilizes Canvas, we need to maintain some conventions in naming schemes in Canvas courses. Contact your assigned ITG if you want a Canvas course renamed.


Bonus bonus question: Why can’t my students see X, Y, or Z in my Canvas course?

Don’t forget to make sure all of the elements of the course are published. If an item is not published, then students can not see it. Look for the green check mark symbol to indicate an item is published.

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