Zoom Immersive View

You can now put all your students’ videos together into one background in Zoom, with Immersive View!
There are several backgrounds available; choose one based on your number of attendees. You can change it whenever you like, move people around, put everyone into one large scene together, choose a smaller scene to showcase a few presenters, upload your own image to use as a background…
4 people in one conference room background

Faculty / Host:

Watch this video first, to enable Immersive View:

Zoom settings live in 2 places / How to turn on Immersive View

Then see these pages for details:

Zoom Help Center: Immersive View 
Introducing Immersive View, A Fun New Way to Meet


For your Students / Attendees:

Remind your students / attendees to update Zoom:

Is your Zoom client up to date? How to update it


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