Accounts Compromised

Phishing emails have become very convincing (even to techies) and are getting much harder to spot.  More and more people are falling for these devious plots to steal personal information.  There can be serious ramifications when your account is compromised, up to and including Identity Theft.

One way to help mitigate these types of attacks is to turn on 2-Step Authentication for your WFU GMail.  Why is 2-Step verification so important.  2-Step Verification raises another barrier to help keep a hacker out of your sensitive information.  Remember, your WFU account is connected to other VERY sensitive information.

How do you turn on 2-Step Verification?  For a quick introduction to the process, watch the video below.   Or, Click Here to access the WFU Information Systems Help page.


Other Resources for 2-Step verification

  • Google Prompt –  If you just want to click a Yes or No to authorize WFU Email access.
  • Google Authenticator – If you want to carry around a constantly changing access key on your smart phone.
  • App Passwords – Customized passwords for Apps and programs (i.e. Outlook) that do not function well with 2-Step Verification.
  • Printed Backup Codes – Print out a set of backup codes.
  • Security USB Key Fob – USB device that must be inserted for access your email. 

If you would like further information, contact your technical representative.