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WFU Google Apps for Education

Here at WFU, we are using the Google Apps for Education as our email and calendaring client.  Google Apps is more than just email and calendar.  It consist of:

  1. EMail  – send, receive and manage your email
  2. Contacts – create and edit both contact lists, distribution lists and groups
  3. Calendar – everyone is assigned a default calendar to use, but you can also:
    1. access campus Resource calendars
    2. create specialized calendars for your use
    3. embed specialized calendars in your web pages
    4. easily schedule meetings with others in the community
    5. you can block out time for appointment sign-ups
  4. Docs (now called Drive) – web based documents, spreadsheets, forms and  presentations. It allows for creation, simultaneous editing and sharing among Wake Forest users
  5. Sites – quickly create websites for use in your courses

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