Wake Information Network

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Wake Information Network (WIN)

Is the place where you get your academic information, payroll data, submit grades, and do other administrative stuff.  Log in with your WFU username and password at  https://win.wfu.edu.  Much of the content that you have access to on the WIN site depends on your role at the university.


  1. View important campus announcements such as weather closings, new course listings, calendar events, etc…
  2. Password Change – Stay away from Change Password in WIN – that’s really for alumni who don’t have a WFU issued computer or access to our network.
  3. Personal Data: set availability of personal information such as address, phone,  etc;
  4. Register your vehicles.
  5. Access your a payroll data. (See Note Below)
  6. Access campus directories.
  7. Virtual Campus is where all the classroom administrative content is.
    1. Be sure to set appropriate Term,
    2. You can get the class facebook (student photos) and email for each section;
    3. See your rosters and wait lists,
    4. Enter grades.


WIN is a password protected area of the Wake Forest network and contains personal and private information.  It is extremely important that you sign out (Exit button) of WIN when you have completed your tasks there.

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