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This section contains information on technology for general computing and productivity. Please see Faculty Resources and Services for information pertaining to Instructional Technology.

Backup Solutions

SpiderOak Blue provides encrypted data backup via the Internet. Your data is stored in an encrypted form on the SpiderOak servers which are located off site in SpiderOak’s data center.  Once SpiderOak is installed on your computer, it runs automatically behind the scenes to back up your files as you’re working. You can also access your files at any time by signing in to the SpiderOak website with your WFU username and password. SpiderOak is provided by the Office of the Dean of the College to full time faculty. Please contact your ITG for access!

A note on backup solutions:

Keeping a backup of important files is vital to ensuring your work is not lost in the event of a hard drive failure or computer virus. Many faculty use an external hard drive or a large flash drive to manually make copies of their important work, while other faculty have elected to use SpiderOak Blue to automatically back up all files on their computer.

If you are not interested in using a backup solution like SpiderOak Blue, please consider a “cloud storage” solution such as Microsoft Office’s OneDrive for Business or Google Drive for Mac or PC. You decide what is worthy of a backup by simply saving your important file to a designated folder on your computer. When your computer is connected to the Internet, any files in that folder are automatically sent to “the cloud”. If you choose to work within “the cloud” from another computer, those changes are reflected on all computers you have synced together.

How do I decide?

Microsoft Office and OneDrive for Business
– I use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for most of my business.

Google Drive for Mac or PC
– I have transitioned from relying on Microsoft Office and do most of my business using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


Microsoft Office 365

Visit and sign in using your email address and password. For help with Microsoft Office 365 contact The Bridge service desk.

OneDrive for Business
Save your document to the OneDrive for Business folder and the file will be synced on your computer and online. (Mac coming soon!)

Install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices
Wake Forest’s Office 365 license allows you to install the full version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on your home computer or personal devices. Or use the Online version of Office within your browser from any computer with an Internet connection.

Connect using your current version of Microsoft Office
If your ThinkPad already has Office installed, open Word and click on “File” then “Account” and choose “Switch Account” (do not click Sign Out) to connect your Office 365 account and take advantage of the cloud with OneDrive for Business.


Google Drive Unlimited Storage

Visit and sign in using your email address and password. Your Wake Forest account includes unlimited storage for Google Drive.

If you find yourself using Google Docs more than Word and Excel, you may want to install Drive for Mac/PC. A special folder called Google Drive is created on your local computer. When you move files to the Google Drive folder on your computer, those files are also available in your online Drive. If you make any changes to these files, those changes reflect in Google Drive on the web, and also across any other computers or mobile devices you’re using with your Google Drive account. Visit

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