ITG-IS Articulation of Responsibilities

Articulation of Responsibilities

Information Systems Service Desk and Instructional Technology Group  updated September 2015

There are multiple resources on campus for help with information and instructional technology for faculty and academic staff:  the ITGs (instructional technology personnel reporting to the College and assigned to and located in individual departments), the Information Systems (IS) Service Desk (centralized facility located in the Bridge in ZSR Library) This is intended to be a functional, living internal document for Bridge staff and Instructional Technologist to clarify which groups can provide various services.

ITG Capabilities for Faculty and Academic staff

WFU issued hardware

  • initial troubleshooting
  • training
  • escalation of issues to IS Service Desk or appropriate unit

WFU provided software & services

  • troubleshooting
  • training
  • manual installation assistance

Department or discipline specific hardware and software

  • advise, evaluate, manage, support, train


  • Xerox contract printers
    • Installation assistance
    • Cursory troubleshooting
    • escalation of confirmed problems
  • non-Xerox printers owned by departments
    • installation assistance
    • troubleshooting and escalation to appropriate external vendor
    • purchasing advice/assistance

Department, program or individual websites

  • advice, support, maintenance on department sites in WordPress or traditional web server


  • cursory troubleshooting
  • escalation of confirmed issues

Classroom Multimedia

  • cursory troubleshooting and confirmation of problem
  • escalation of confirmed problems

Data backup & recovery

  • Assist faculty and staff with personal backups and data recovery upon request
  • SpiderOak support and troubleshooting for eligible faculty

Computer labs

  • Manage and support department computer labs

ThinkPad and Computer Exchange

  • Assist with facilitation of exception exchanges
  • Provide training/orientation for exception cases

New faculty or academic staff hires

  • provide technology overview/training for new hires outside of scheduled summer new faculty training


  • Primary contact for troubleshooting & support for departmental faculty
  • Provide 2nd level escalation support  (via Sakai support listserv and/or direct contact with appropriate departmental ITG member) for Sakai help requests originating in the Bridge

Academic/classroom projects and pedagogy

  • faculty works directly with appropriate ITG member

IS Service Desk capabilities for Faculty and Academic Staff

WFU issued hardware

  • troubleshooting
  • escalation of issues to IS Tech Shop

WFU issued software

  • troubleshooting
  • problems with installation
  • reloads or reimage if necessary
  • escalation to IS Tech Shop

WFU desktop computers

  • transport of desktop computers to IS Service Desk for repair


  • provide initial troubleshooting
  • contact networking for escalated problems


  • provide initial troubleshooting
  • contact multimedia for escalated problems

Other Duties

  • resolve all password issues
  • provide a service loaner if computer repair exceeds more than 1 day (if available)
  • provide “triage” backup for emergency repairs
  • support administrative technology including WIN/Banner/Cognos account and usage issues.
  • provide basic troubleshooting and escalate requests within Information Systems for telecom infrastructure operations/maintenance (telephones and voicemail system)
  • communicate outages and changes directly to faculty, staff and students.

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