Tommy Murphy

Chemistry and Biology Downtown, Engineering

Phone Number: 336-702-1972
Building 60S, Room 4606

B.S. Computer Information Systems, High Point University, Summa Cum Laude
A.A.S. Business Computer Programming, Forsyth Technical Community College

Tommy Murphy is the Instructional Technology Consultant for the Wake Downtown campus of Wake Forest University. His primary responsibility is to support faculty, staff and graduate students with technology in respect to teaching and learning. His duties include (but not limited to) Lead Developer for the WF College website and many College sub-sites, maintaining the Chemistry department website, the creation of graphic materials for departmental website and publications, the creation of online tutorials, instructing faculty/staff/graduates in technology use and applications, and maintaining department specific technology based hardware/software.


  • Photoshop
  • JavaScript
  • Web page design
  • WordPress
  • Graphics design
  • 3D design and fabrication
    • TinkerCAD
    • OpenSCAD
    • Fusion 3D
    • 3D Printers: MakerBot, PrinterBot, CubePro

3D Design and Printing Publications

Tontec 7 inch LCD Panel Assembly

My Status Display Device

Peristaltic Pump Mount

And many more…

Find me on TinkerCAD

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