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Windows 8 – Designed with Cloud Computing in Mind

MS Live ServicesAll versions of the Windows 8 Operating System are designed to integrate with your Microsoft account (formerly known as Live).  Although a Microsoft account is not required to run Windows 8, there are many benefits to creating an account.  Benefits include:

  • Email Account
  • Contact List
  • Online Calendar
  • Access to the Windows 8 Store
  • SkyDrive
    • 7 GB of online Storage (extra space may be purchased)
    • Can be sync’d to multiple devices
    • Browser Based MS Word Editor
    • Browser Based MS Excel Editor
    • Browser Based MS PowerPoint Editor
    • Browser Based MS OneNote Editor
    • Browser Based MS Excel Survey Tool
    • Easy Integration with MS Office 2010 and 2013

How to setup a Microsoft Account

Connect your Windows 8 computer to your Microsoft Account

See the Cloud Storage/Backup Solutions for more information.

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