Charms Settings Control

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Charms > Settings – Controls

To access the Settings options, open your Charms Bar, then select the Settings icon.

 settings pic


Network (icon The wireless network icon or The wired network icon) – this control will display current information on your network connections and allow you to connect to available wireless networks.   To connect to an available wireless network, simply click the desired wireless network name and provide the correct network password (if required).  You may easily disable all wireless radios by sliding the Airplane Mode switch to the On position.

Network Controls

Volume – view and change the current volume and mute all sounds. 

Brightness view and change the current screen brightness levels.

Notifications – display or hide current system notifications.

Power – use this control to Sleep, Shutdown or Restart your ThinkPad.

Keyboard – use this control to switch between keyboard styles and languages.

Change PC Settings – Provides advanced control over various system settings and preferences.

Advanced PC Settings

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