Windows 7 Taskbar


The Windows 7 taskbar contains three main components:

Start Button start_button

Task/Quicklaunch Bar – This bar contains shortcut icons to applications that are “pinned” to the Taskbar or applications that are actively running on your ThinkPad.  A grey box will appear around any application that is actively running.  In this example, Firefox is the only running application.
taskbar image

System Notification Area – Some applications run unseen in the background on your ThinkPad.  Many of these applications will provide a tool icon in the System Notification Area to assist a user in changing the configuration of the ThinkPad.  Examples in the image below include (left to right), Symantec Antivirus,  BlueTooth control, Dolby sound control, pointing device control (mouse), Active Protection app, Windows Action Center, Windows power manager, wired/wireless LAN status,Windows sound control, time/date and the “Show Desktop” button (translucent button on the far right).
Notification Area

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