Windows 7 Operating System Features

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The WFU standard operating system for the ThinkPad is the Microsoft 32 bit Windows 7 Enterprise edition.  The primary features of Windows 7 are:

Start Menu – The Start Menu provides the primary access point for programs and applications on your ThinkPad.

Taskbar and Notification Area – The Taskbar contains 3 main components, the Start button, the Task/Quicklaunch bar and the System Notification Area.

Windows Snipping Tool – Windows 7 includes an application to capture, save and share “snipped” images from your desktop.

Displaying to a External Monitor or Projector – The ThinkPad is equipped with one or more external display connectors so that you may connect to an external monitor or the multimedia projector.

Using Local Area Networks (LAN/WiFi) – The ThinkPad is configured to access both wired and wireless network resources.

Windows Explorer Favorites – File system favorites are quick links to specific directories (folders) located on your hard drive.

Windows Explorer Libraries – Libraries are an easy way to collect and track documents on your computer that are related to one another but are not necessarily located in the same directories (folders).

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