Windows 7 File System Libraries


Windows File System Libraries

Libraries are an easy way to keep track of documents on your computer that are related to one another but not necessarily located in the same directories (folders).  For instance, I have created a Library called  “WebSites” and in that library, I have included the file directories of the websites that I maintain without merging the files into a single location on the hard drive.

explorer libraries

Adding a New Library

  1. right click on the Libraries link in the left hand panel
  2. click on New -> Library
  3. type in the desired library name
  4. hit the Enter key

Adding Directories to Your Library

  1. right click the library that you wish to add a directory to
  2. click on the Properties menu
  3. click the “Include a folder…” button
  4. browse to the folder that you would like to add to the library
  5. click the “Include Folder” button
  6. click the OK button
    libraries Add image

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