Using Local Area Networks (LAN)


Using Local Area Networks (LAN/WiFi)

The ThinkPad is configured to access both wired and wireless network resources.  Whenever possible, it is recommended that you use the wired Ethernet network connection.  The WFU building’s wired connection (100MB or 1000MB) is typically much faster than the wireless connections (54MB shared).  We recommend that you disable the wireless connections while connected to the wired network.  Windows 7 will try to use both the wired and wireless connections, but not necessarily the fastest connection.

Using the Wired Network

Connect your ThinkPad Ethernet port to the building Ethernet wall jack using a CAT5, or better, Ethernet cable.  After a few seconds, the ThinkPad should receive a network IP address and connect to the network.

Using the Wireless Network

To connect to an available wireless LAN, follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure that you wireless hardware switch and the wireless software switch are turned on.  The wireless hardware switch is located on the right side of the ThinkPad near the front.  The software switch is accessed by using the keyboard combination Fn-F5 and turning on the 802.11 Wireless Radio.
  2. Click the network access icon in the System notification Area to access the list of available wireless networks.
  3. Click on the wireless network that you want to connect to and, if necessary,  provide the correct login credentials or password.

For better wireless performance, you may need to change the power settings for your wireless card.  CLICK HERE for instructions.

If you are connecting to a wireless network off campus, please use the installed Cisco VPN software to help secure your connection and reduce the potential for data theft.

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