User Data on the X1 Carbon, Helix and Yoga


On the Thinkpad X1 Carbon, Yoga, and Helix, your data is located at: C:\Users\{username}

This is the default data storage location for most of the applications pre-installed on your Thinkpad. Many applications you may install would use this location as the default data storage (or SAVE) location for this application. However, it’s very good to check when you install a new application so that you know that application’s data will be included on future backups.

C:\Users\\{username} is the ONLY location  that Information Systems support personnel will search in an attempt to recover data  in the event of a computer emergency. There are times when data recovery is not possible, so it always pays to have a backup.

It is recommended that you DO NOT remove folders that you did not create in  C:\Users\\{username}. Many of these were created during the load-build process and may be required for some software pre-installed on your Thinkpad. Removing these folders could disrupt the operation of some of that software, making a reload of your Thinkpad necessary.

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