X1 Carbon Visual Tour

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  Left Side Components


Power Jack – 20V Lenovo power port, 90W.  NOTE: Not compatible with older power adapters.
Fan Vent – discharges heat from internal components.  It is important that you do not block this area.
USB2   Connector – Always on USB2 port which you can charge phones, MP3 players and other devices. (downward compatible to USB1).
Wireless Switch – This switch disables all wireless devices on the ThinkPad (BlueTooth, WAN, WiMAX, and Wireless LAN).

 Right Side Components


X1 Right Side View

Multi-Card Reader – 4 in 1 memory card reader (MultiMediaCard, SD, SDHC, SDXC).
Combo Mic/Headphones Jack – Use this port to connect your external microphone and headphones.
Mini-DP Connector – Mini DisplayPort for attaching to compatible monitors and projectors.
USB3 Connector – Port for attaching USB3 devices (backward compatible to USB2 or USB1). Note the SS (SuperSpeed USB) label to the right of the port.
Lock Slot – Use this slot to lock your ThinkPad to your workstation using a compatible cable lock and a secure anchor point.

Volume, ThinkVantage, Power Controls


Volume Controls – The speaker mute button, volume up/down, and microphone mute button.
ThinkVantage Control – Not Functional
Status Lights – There are two status lights on the top of the keyboard.  The left light indicates the status , on or off, of the wireless LAN card.  The right light indicates that the system or application is accessing the hard drive.  On the outer cover (not pictured) there are two status lights.  There is one light to indicate the status of the battery, charging or discharging.  And, a moon shaped light to indicate when the computer has gone to sleep mode.
Power Button – Powers the ThinkPad on and off.

Web Camera

Web Camera

Onboard Microphones – There are two onboard microphones.
Web Camera
– The web camera may be used to capture images, create movies and participate in video conference applications like Skype or WebEx.

 Pointing Devices

 pointer control

TrackPoint Pointing Device – Joystick like control for mouse functions.  The mouse buttons  for the TrackPoint are below under the spacebar.
TrackPad Pointing DeviceMulti Touch pad control for mouse functions.  The mouse buttons are activated by pressing the left or right side of the pad.

Finger Print Reader


Your ThinkPad is equipped with a fingerprint biometric device that may be used to log into your ThinkPad X1 Carbon.  If you would like to use the finger print reader, please see your technical support representative for instructions. (for academic departments, see your ITG)

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