User Data on the T430s

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User Data on the T430s

On the Thinkpad T430s a separate partition (the D: drive) has been created to segregate your data from your operating system and program files. The specific location for your data is D:\USERDATA.


This is the default data storage location for most of the applications pre-installed on your Thinkpad. However, for any software you may install, you will need to designate this location (actually, a folder under this location) as the default data storage (or SAVE) location for this application. Many applications will allow you the opportunity to specify a default folder for the data you create within that application. If that option is not available in your application(s), simply manually save your data to that folder.

D:\USERDATA is the ONLY location  that Information Systems support personnel will search in an attempt to recover data  in the event of a computer emergency. There are times when data recovery is not possible, so it always pays to have a backup.

It is recommended that you DO NOT remove folders that you did not create in  D:\USERDATA. Many of these were created during the load-build process and may be required for some software pre-installed on your Thinkpad. Removing these folders could disrupt the operation of some of that software, making a reload of your Thinkpad necessary.

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