Windows 7 Start Menu Items



Click the Start Button start_button to open the Start Menu.

Windows 7 Start Menu

On the left

  • Applications and Documents Shortcuts – The “Pinned” applications are listed at the top above the divider line.  The recently used applications are listed under the divider line.  If you hover over or click the arrow to the right of the application, you can access the most recently opened documents list for the associated program. Is it confirmed that recent history is enabled?
  • Start Menu Search – The application/document search box can be found near the bottom of the Start menu.  This search box is a great way to not only search for your files and documents, but also quickly find applications without hunting through the programs list.  For instance, if you want to quickly find and start Microsoft Word, click the Start button and type just the letters “Word” into the search box, Windows will provide a list of search results with application listed at the top, then files and documents containing the search term listed next.
    By default the search only searches the Start Menu. You can have it also search for files in Userdata if you wish. Click here for complete instructions  – assuming it still doesn’t index userdata on T430
  • All Programs Clicking the All Programs link will open up a list of the available application shortcuts on your ThinkPad.
  • Addtional Features of the Start Menu
    • Application Pinning – Applications icons can be “pinned” to the top of the Start Menu or to the Taskbar by right clicking the application in the All Programs, Start Menu or Taskbar, and selecting the “Pin to Taskabar” or the “Pin to Start Menu” menu item.
    • Jump Lists – Right-click a program in the taskbar to find and perform most common functions associated with
      that specific application. Jump list also acts as a history of each application. For example if you right click on
      Internet Explorer in the taskbar, most browsed websites are displayed.
    • Quick Peek – Hover the mouse over any program on the taskbar to preview any open windows using that program.

On the right

  • Computer Shortcuts – includes shortcuts to user documents, pictures, music and to the computer file system.
  • Shutdown button – also includes other options for Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock, Log Off, and Switch User via the arrow icon on the button.
  • Control panel –  provides access to operating system control and customization features.
  • Devices and Printers – provides access to installed devices (printers, cameras, scanners, etc…).
  • Run – provides a method to quickly execute a command line.

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