Sassafras KeyCheckout

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Sassafras KeyCheckout

Wake Forest University utilizes the Key Checkout program to manage the licenses of many of its major software that are used by our faculty, staff and students.  Key Checkout allows Wake Forest the opportunity to run software using concurrent licensing rather than per user.  Below you will find instructions on how to access keyed software while On or Off campus.

Key Reserved MessageOn Campus:

When utilizing “keyed” software while on the Wake Forest campus,
the user will see the following screen caption letting them know that
a key has been checked out for that particular software.  Once the user
closes the program, then the key is automatically checked back in.


Off Campus – Internet Connection:

  1. Log in to Virtual Private Network (VPN) using your Deacnet credentials.
  2. Once logged on to VPN, then access the desired software the same you would if you were on campus.

Off-Campus – No Internet Connection:

  1. Prior to leaving campus you will need to check out a key for the software.
  2. Click on your Start button, All Programs, _WFU Internet Tools, Sassafras K2 (Key Server), Key Checkout.
    Key Checkout Link in Menu
  3. If this is the first time using the KEY CHECKOUT service then you will see the following screen caption displaying directions on how to scan your drives to determine where the checked out key will be stored – Click OK.
  4. The displayed window indicates (A) the current list of software that is Keyed and (B) the name of the drive on your laptop where the key will be stored.
  5. If no drive is indicated, click on File, Scannable Drives and select the C: Drive.
  6. Drag and drop the desired software from the top half to the bottom half. A new window will appear where you may change the parameters of how long you wish to check out the key. Then click OK.
  7. Click File then Exit.
  8. Once you are off campus, you can access your software as if you were on campus.

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