Printing at Wake Forest

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Network Printing – Make an appointment with your ITG  (or other technology representative)  to install network printers & copiers. There are differences for each department and many require a specific code (print or copy) from your department administrative assistant.

Personal Printers – You are free to install your own devices (mice, printers, etc.) but be sure:

    • your device is compatible with your version of Windows.
    • you download the latest driver for your version of Windows (if required) from the vendor’s website.
    • DO NOT plug in USB devices (especially printers) until you are sure you don’t need a driver from the vendor – once you go through the process and tell it you don’t have a driver, it’s difficult to make it show up again.
    • USB devices want the driver installed BEFORE it’s plugged in.

How to print sustainably – From the Office of Sustainability

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