Case Studies

Instructional Technology Group Case Studies

These are just a few examples of the recent case studies undertaken by the ITG in their respective departments. For more information on a specific project, please contact the ITG member identified in the heading.

Title: Tablet Computing at WFU: History, Status, Recommendations
Project Date: December 2008
Instructional Technologist: Tommy Murphy, Jeff Muday

Description: Wake Forest University has been a leader in the use of computing technologies in the classroom since its implementation of the Plan for the Class of 2000. Several years ago, one of the important experiments for innovative classroom computing was a program that allowed selected professors to choose a tablet PC in lieu of the standard laptop. The Instructional Technology Group (ITG) feels that this computing modality is important and the University should find flexibility in its current laptop distribution program that would allow a select set of professors to have access to Tablet Computers. Read the case study, Addendum

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