Webex: Log in as yourself and also as a demo user for practice

A great way to practice with Webex is to log in as yourself as the host in your Personal Room, and also log in with a fake name using another computer.

That way you can try out the features as host, and on the other screen you can see what your audience sees. You can interact and see both sides to make sure you know how the various Webex tools work.


–You’ll need to have headsets on the computers or you can mute the microphones and speakers to avoid the echo / audio loop, since you’re in the same room.

–If you try to log in as a fake user on your own computer, your browser and Webex will probably recognize you and automatically log you in as yourself.  Just use a “Private” window in Firefox so Webex won’t know it’s you, and then you can log in as Mickey Mouse or whatever name you want to use. In the email box, just type a fake email address, such as asdfasdf@asdf.com

–Many presenters like to log in as a fake person on an extra computer (mute the microphone and speakers) and keep it next to them while they teach. That way, they can always see at a glance exactly what their students are seeing.

–When you host a session, keep the Presenter panel and Chat panel open so you can see who is in your session/ manage users, and you can see any chat messages being posted.

Here’s a video to walk you through logging into your Webex personal room using a private window in Firefox.




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