Polling in the Classroom: Tech Tool for Student Engagement and Learning Assessment

Are you looking for a way to increase student engagement during a lecture?  Or are you wanting feedback on whether students grasp a difficult concept during class?  ZSR Library has been using an audience response system, or “clicker,” to enhance instruction in the classroom since 2006 (click here for ZSR…

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Technology is a TOOL not a learning outcome

You may be familiar with the image below if you have attended one of my workshops. (In fact, you’re probably sick of seeing it by now!) Bill Ferriter posted this image to Flickr in July 2013. (If you’re on Flickr he’s a good one to follow: www.flickr.com/people/plugusin.) I use this…

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Engaging Students on Snow Days

Snow day class poster

Faculty often lose class days due to university closure and/or delay during the first part of Spring semester. Students enrolled in a first-half of spring semester course are most often impacted. When classes are cancelled right before an exam or major project, you might consider providing an alternative activity to…

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