Qualtrics: New Survey Builder Interface

Qualtrics has introduced a new interface for the Survey Builder (tool used to edit surveys). Users can now try out the new interface and still have the option to switch back to the old interface if they wish. The plan from Qualtrics is to make the new interface the default for all users in May 2021 (no exact date yet). 

Qualtrics New Survey Builder Overview


If you would like to experience the new interface first-hand, you may activate it by clicking on the “Try the new survey builder” link in the banner above your survey once you have selected a survey to edit (see below): 

Qualtrics New Web Interface - Try Out

Once you are in the new builder interface, if you would like to go back to the current interface, simply select the “switch back” link in the banner that shows up for you in the new interface (see below):

Qualtrics New Survey Builder - go back to old interface

Here is a link to a Qualtrics page with all the details for the new interface: 


Jeff Nichols and Richard King, the two campus admins for Qualtrics have scheduled two workshops that we encourage you to attend for more information on the new interface and a chance to ask questions you may have. The following link will take you to a PDC screen where you can sign up for either session.


We look forward to seeing you in the workshops!

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