Customize your personal Zoom room link

Zoom logoDid you know you can customize the link to your personal Zoom room? All Zoom room URLs end with a 10 digit number. But it doesn’t have to. I customized mine to end with my WFU username. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into your account with your WFU credentials in your browser
  2. Click the Profile link on the left side
  3. Click the Customize link accross from “Personal Link”
  4. It will give you the requirements. Be sure to click the Save Changes button.
    I chose my WFU username since that is a very typical convention for WFU that meets Zoom’s requirements.

Bonus Tip: You can customize the 10 digit Personal Meeting ID number in order to make that “master” URL simpler to remember. A lot of people are choosing to use their WFU office number. In my case, it said someone else had already registered the number when I tried to use it.


screen cap of Zoom's Profile settings

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