Polling in Zoom Meetings

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Polling in Zoom Meetings is a great way to engage students. Some Faculty members found ZOOM’s polling setup to be confusing.  In this post, I perform a “walkthrough” of the process.  The official Zoom help page may be of interest (link below). https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/213756303-Polling-for-Meetings?flash_digest=9a0ea9fd8f94b1a3af6bca4599aa6b5775f85b57   STEP 0: Sign into Zoom https://wakeforest-university.zoom.us/ STEP…

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Using the Built in Apple Mac Mini to Display Supplementary Information in the Digital Classroom

Sometimes, it is desirable to display supplementary information in the classroom as well as your main presentation or whiteboard work.  The side wall displays (where equipped) are a great place to host the supplemental information.  Below, you will find instructions for displaying a Periodic Table on the side displays. First…

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Multitasking the Multimedia Classroom

Many of the newer multimedia classrooms are equipped with multiple projection surfaces and multiple media inputs (AppleTV, WiDi, digital input, analog input, built in desktops).  Did you know that you did not have to project the same content to all the displays at once?  If you connect your Mac to…

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